Lydia Emrich



Photography Work

Summer, 2019


Painter Deborah Nell sits in her home studio in East Berlin, PA. Deborah's art features colorful pours and abstract figures.

Georgia, 12, holds a bouquet of freshly-picked flowers on a farm in East Berlin, PA. Georgia said that posing for photos made her feel beautiful, even if her face wasn’t shown.

Linnea Conklin, 20, poses in the home of the photographer. Linnea is a hair stylist in Hanover, PA, and her job is to make others look good and feel good.

Linnea Conklin, 20, looks out the living room window of an old farm house in Pennsylvania. Linnea agreed to pose for the photographer because “I haven’t had my photos taken since high school graduation!”

Georgia, 12, smiles for the camera after a long creative photoshoot in East Berlin, PA. Georgia loved the attention of getting her portrait taken!

Judah Emrich, 11, blows a woodworking piece clean in a barn in East Berlin, PA. He is making a box for his ducks.

Deborah Nell poses in her home studio. Deborah specializes in embellished pours, where she lets the natural flow of her paints inspire the direction of the piece.

Janet Emrich picks flowers for her kitchen table. Bringing life and color inside brings her joy.